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Why you must have a REST API

The term REST is spreading like wildfire nowadays. We're hearing about services which are REST, APIs which are REST and everything like that. Many people are advocating the technology, but there are only a few explanations on why it is necessary or good.

Let me explain.

So here you are in the 21st century, trying to create a web app or service. You are on a schedule and a budget. You also don't want to reinvent the wheel because that would be too much work. For some of the problems you encounter you will find that the ordinary approach is not enough because AJAX is needed to improve the user experience. Then you need to create a mobile client or a desktop client app, and so on.

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About IRC Chatter

You may have heard about IRC Chatter, the first IRC client dedicated to MeeGo and Harmattan. IRC Chatter is now also the official client of Nemo. Since lots of people like it, I thought I'd submit it to the Nokia Store too so that more people can download it more conveniently. This means once it's accepted, you can go and download it on your N9 right from the built-in Store client.

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Reflections about SmartDevCon

I've visited SmartDevCon last week, and I must say, it was awesome!

It all started with the main organizer Filip pinging me on IRC. We started talking about Nemo Mobile and the new homescreen and some other nice things. He mentioned that he's organizing a conference for mobile developers. Well, let me put it this way: it wasn't long until he convinced me to give a talk about QML user interface development.

Fortunately, there also is a direct train between Budapest and Katowice so it wasn't difficult to get there at all. The train trip was boring and it was hard to sleep (it arrived at 4AM), but it was generally quite okay. We stayed at a hotel and my roommate was Carsten, the guy behind Mer.

My talk got reorganized to the first day of the conference, which means that I had to speak without much sleep and with much less preparation than I anticipated. There were some nice people who helped me prepare though: Martin, the guy behind Seadot, and Simon, who is working on an IVI UX in his free time.

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Porting to Qt 5 - stage 1

It's been some time since I last touched Qt 5, so I thought it'd be nice to share my advances.

As you all know, I'm working on porting Puzzle Master to Qt 5 to provide some feedback about my experiences.
I've decided to take a two-step approach to this, because there is a significant gap between the easier and the more difficult solutions both in terms of performance and development effort required.

The first stage is quite simple:

Change the base classes of all custom items from QDeclarativeItem to QQuickItem or QQucikPaintedItem, throw out the old Qt Gui module, throw in the new Qt Gui and Qt Quick modules, that sort of things.

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You should care about HTTP 304

Interestingly, HTTP 304 is one of the less known features of the HTTP protocol, however I think it's among the most useful ones. It's loosely related to the cache control headers that everyone uses and loves, but can be used in a much-much smarter way. Everyone who writes web apps should be aware of it, but it seems that many of them are not. If you look at the big players however, you will notice that they all support it.

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