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Devaamo summit 2012

It was a very nice experience! :)

I'm back from my first trip to Finland. And definitely not the last. It was a very nice experience, something worth repeating. I met a lot of friends, some of which I already knew from the Internet, and some new ones too. The summit started at friday night with some lightning talks and a Mer BoF, then continued on saturday (a full day) which consisted of a lot of interesting talks.

Let me reflect on some of the talks that I attended!

I started the day with Acceptance Driven Development with Web Apps by Eemeli Kantola. It was a very nice presentation with lots of interesting stuff, some of which were even news to me. Also it's worth to mention that they use agile development in a nice fashion, maybe even better than the way we're doing it. However, there were a bit too many slides with too little explanation and unfortunately Eemeli didn't quite manage to fit into the timebox. Nevertheless, it was okay.

After that, I went to the other track and listened to Qt 5 on Raspberry Pi by Andrew Baldwin. I think it's safe to say that (despite the "demo effect" when the Pi froze) this one was the single best presentation for me at the summit. Andrew had a lot to say about Qt Quick 2, and his presentation was a live QML app where he could also modify the demos on the fly! He could even write shaders and all kind of fancy stuff in runtime! It was very impressive. And then I haven't even mentioned the fanciest terminal ever. He has also pushed the stuff to gitorious. Awesome, isn't it?

Carsten Munk's talk about Mer was also very interesting, but there wasn't so much news for me in it. Still, I just had to attend this one, I really do believe in the Mer project. Unfortunately Bergie's presentation about decoupled content management was at the same time, which was really a shame because I couldn't be there. Fortunately, the videos will be uploaded to the Devaamo site soon.

After having a rushed lunch, I talked about Sense/Net. The title was "Sense/Net – the open source ECMS and Sharepoint alternative". I introduced Sense/Net in 30 minutes. It was challenging, because normally 30 minutes wouldn't be enough for me to even scratch the surface. So I had to put together a presentation which makes SN familiar to the totally uninitiated and I had to fit it into a 30 minute timebox.
Also, I have a lot to thank to my friend Randall Arnold who helped a lot with my presentation. He basically corrected my English spelling errors and then helped me correct my rookie mistakes in my presentation. He also gave me some quite nice advice. :) The other person who also helped me a lot is Tamás Bíró, the marketing and SCRUM guy at Sense/Net.

Randall also had a talk about 3D parametric design which was quite nice, because he actually managed to introduce even uninitiated people like me to the subject, which is quite an accomplishment because I've never ever had any experience with 3D modeling before.

Also, the city of Tampere was quite beautiful. :)
My hosts gave me a nice tour of the city and I took a few walks of my own too. It's a lovely city.

I posted a bunch of pics to Facebook and the others are uploading theirs to Flickr and Facebook.

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